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Serving as a mentor will give you the opportunity to give back to SMCM by “donating” your wisdom of experience to current students and recent graduates. Contact can occur by phone, by e-mail, or in person, depending on availability. Though we specifically target SMCM alumni for our mentorship database, we encourage parents and other friends of the College to participate as well. Mentors may be asked to provide advice about career opportunities, offer connections related to employment, share insight into graduate study, or give other professional tips.


Find A Mentor

What is graduate school really like? How can you make the most of your first “real” job? Our online mentor directory gives current students and recent graduates the opportunity to learn about graduate study and the world of work by connecting with professionals in their field of interest. Relevant mentors can be easily identified by searching the database according to major, graduate degree, occupation, location, or keyword. Contact Career Development Center at to obtain a unique username and password.


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